Westmount Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important to our school.

Please Note

Phone calls and Emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Colter, Teri Principal (902) 493 5164 TMcGinn@hrce.ca Twitter
D'Eon, Ann Secretary (902) 493 5164 adeon@hrce.ca
LeBlanc, Carolyn Vice Principal (Acting) (902)-493-5164 carolyn.leblanc@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Alburquerque, Teresa Grade 2/3 (job share with B. Hawley) TAlbuquerque@hrce.ca
Allen, Travis Grade 6 travis.allen@hrce.ca
Bayer, Laura Grade 1 laura.bayer@hrce.ca
Berghuis, Matt Grade 4 pberghuis@hrce.ca
Briand, Hilary Grade 1 hilary.briand@hrce.ca
Chapman , Shelley English as an Additional Language shelley.chapman@hrce.ca Website
Chisholm, Christie Resource cchisholm@hrce.ca Website
Cumming , Heather Learning Centre hcumming@hrce.ca
Deacon, Julie Grade 5/6 (Maternity Leave) jdeacon@hrce.ca Website
Drapeau, Tina Grade 3 TDrapeau@hrce.ca
Earle, Kelsey Learning Centre kearle@hrce.ca
Fleming, Sean Physical Education SFleming@hrce.ca
Hasler, Chelsea Grade 3 chasler@hrce.ca
Hawley, Brenda Grade 2/3 bhawley@hrce.ca Website
Hickey, Bonnie ELS/Reading Recovery bhickey@hrce.ca
Higgins, Maureen Grade Primary maureen.higgins@hrce.ca
Landrigan, Janet English as an Additional Language JLandrigan@hrce.ca Website
Ling, Brittany Grade 1/2 (maternity leave) BSanford@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Catherine Resource macdonald.catherine@hrce.ca
MacLean, Micala Grade 2 mmaclean@hrce.ca
Miller, Annie Grade P/1 millera@hrce.ca
Myette, Rachael Grade 6 RMyette@hrce.ca Twitter
Nagle, Jessica Core French jessica.nagle@hrce.ca
Naylor, Laura Grade 4 LNaylor@hrce.ca
Nicoll, Matthew Learning Centre NicollM@hrce.ca
Rickard, Brendan Grade 5/6 brendan.rickard@hrce.ca
Seymour, Amanda Grade Five Teacher aseymour@hrce.ca Website
Supple, Debbie School Counselor DSupple@hrce.ca Website
Trites, Jennifer Music Teacher JTrites@hrce.ca Website
Watson , Michelle Grade 3 Michelle.Watson@hrce.ca
Withrow, Sarah Grade 1 (maternity leave) WithrowS@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Alghamdi, Heba EPA
Atkinson, Emily HRCE School Psychologist eatkinson@hrce.ca
Avery, Ashley SchoolsPlus Assistant Lead (on leave) 902-476-0324 aavery@hrce.ca
Benedict, LeeAnne EPA
Bennett, Fabian EPA
Borden, Satie School Social Worker 902-223-7826 sborden@hrce.ca
Bray, Robert EPA robert.bray@hrce.ca
Brennan, Kendra HRCE Speech Language Pathologist kendra.brennan@hrce.ca
Brown, Steven African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker steven.brown@hrce.ca
Burgher, Hayley EPA
Crummey, Alyssa EPA
Faddoul, Tanya ECE Pre-primary Support tfaddoul@hrce.ca
Field, Rachel Community Outreach Worker 902-266-9845 rachel.field@hrce.ca
Gariepy, Kimberly Schools Plus Assistant Leader Kimberly.Gariepy@hrce.ca
Guerguis , Hanan ECE Pre-primary Lead hanan.guerguis@hrce.ca
Gurney, Patricia EPA
Jagdish, Pooja EPA
Jarvis, Taea EPA
Kempster-Harper, Kate EPA
Kim, Sujin ECE - Lead Pre-Primary kim.suijin@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Stephen Caretaker
Nash, Catherine EPA
Ozbek, Melike EPA
Patel, Rinal EPA
Rad, Raha EPA
Salamat , Abeeha ECE Pre-primary Support abeeha.salamat@hrce.ca
Shousha, Prehan YMCA School Settlement Staff prehan.shousha@halifax.ymca.ca
Slauenwhite, Nova EPA
Stewart, Kathleen Library Support Specialist
Wang, Min Jie EPA


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Chiasson, Ashley Band Teacher ashley.chiasson@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Stryniak, Sophie Cello & Violin Teacher SStryniak@hrce.ca