Westmount Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important to our school.

Please Note

Phone calls and Emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
MacInnis, Lesley Principal (902) 493 5164 lmacinnis@hrsb.ca
Cleary, Tom Vice Principal (902) 493 5164 tcleary@hrsb.ca
D'Eon, Ann Secretary (902) 493 5164 adeon@hrsb.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bartholomew, Maria Band Teacher (Acting) mbartholomew@hrsb.ca
Boudreau, Ley Primary Teacher ley.boudreau@hrsb.ca
Burke, Mel Band Teacher (On Leave) mburke@hrsb.ca
Chadwick, Janice Grade One 50% / Reading Recovery 50% jchadwick@hrsb.ca Website
Chapman , Shelley English as an Additional Language schapman@hrsb.ca
Chisholm, Christie Resource cchisholm@hrsb.ca
Cumming , Heather Learning Center hcumming@hrsb.ca
Dietrich, Margot Early Literacy Support - 60% mdietrich@hrsb.ca
Doucet, Crystal Grade Three Teacher cdoucet@hrsb.ca
Doucette, Julie Grade Two Teacher doucettej@hrsb.ca
Fougere, Maurina Grade Six Teacher mfougere@hrsb.ca
Gibson, Deanna Primary Teacher dgibson@hrsb.ca Website
Hasler, Chelsea Grade Three/Four Teacher chasler@hrsb.ca
Hawley, Brenda Grade Two/Three Teacher bhawley@hrsb.ca Website
Higgins, Maureen Grade One Teacher maureen.higgins@hrsb.ca
Hynes, Virginia Grade One 50% vhynes@hrsb.ca Website
Kall, Carolann Violin Teacher carolann.kall@hrsb.ca Website
Legate, Jessie Physical Education Teacher - 30% jlegate@hrsb.ca
Logan , Sandra Core French Teacher logan.sandra@hrsb.ca Website
Lynch, Susan Art Teacher - 40% slynch@hrsb.ca
MacLean, Micala Grade Two Teacher mmaclean@hrsb.ca
MacRae, Ian Grade Five Teacher imacrae@hrsb.ca
Mullenger, Lynn Grade One Teacher lmullenger@hrsb.ca
Pottier-Jones, Michelle Music Teacher - 20% mpottier-jones@hrsb.ca
Seymour, Amanda Grade Four Teacher aseymour@hrsb.ca Website
Stryniak, Sophie Cello Teachers sstryniak@hrsb.ca
Totton, Helen Grade Five Teacher htotton@hrsb.ca
Walker, Lindita Learning Center lwalker@hrsb.ca
Walsh , Grant Physical Education Teacher gwalsh@hrsb.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Arsenault, Dianne EPA - 80% dianne.arsenault@hrsb.ca
Bray, Robert EPA - 100% robert.bray@hrsb.ca
Campbell, Castine 80 % EPA castine.campbell@hrsb.ca
Edmonds, Christine EPA - 100% christine.edmonds@hrsb.ca
Fleck, Kim 50% EPA kimberly.fleck@hrsb.ca
Gerrior, Bryan Custodian
Gurney, Patricia EPA - 80% cgurney@hrsb.ca
Hayden , Jeff Caretaker
Hayes, Sheila EPA - 50% hayes.sheila@hrsb.ca
Keddy, Mary EPA - 80% mkeddy@hrsb.ca
Kempster-Harper, Kate 50% EPA
Lavers, Rachel Library Technician Tuesday & Friday rlavers@hrsb.ca
Nugent, Sandra 80 %EPA snugent@hrsb.ca
Stride, Michelle EPA - 80% mstride@hrsb.ca
White, Beverley EPA - 80% white.beverley@hrsb.ca
Woodbury, David 80 % EPA david.woodbury@hrsb.ca